Estates Technology Transition Fund Bids 2017/18

The Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) is a multi-million pound programme to accelerate the development of infrastructure to enable the improvement and expansion of joined-up out of hospital care for patients. Additional capital will also be invested in general practice beyond the ETTF which means that the overall total investment in capital assets up to 2020/21 will be £900 million.

In 2017/18 there will be £24m to fund 22 different psychological therapy schemes for patients with long-term physical conditions across 30 CCGs.

Each strand of the ETTF must not be treated independently from another as each strand is crucial and must benefit from the lessons learned in others.

Mark Coton
Head of Healthcare

CCGs will be required to prioritise recommendations by assigning a ranking and demonstrate that improvement in access to care is at the heart of the recommendations.

To qualify for the funding the application you must apply for: 

  • Improvements or extensions to existing facilities used for primary medical care services

  • Refurbishment of unused or under-utilised premises to increase clinical capacity

  • Construction of new premises; for example for the co-location of practices to facilitate primary care at scale or to promote patient access to a wider range of services

  • Implementation of IT systems which support the development of primary care at scale and integrated working practices; for example to support integrated care models and record sharing

  • Technology systems which enable the delivery of a service which is paper free at the point of care; for example, through the use of integrated digital care records

  • Technology which enables the public to have better access to services; for example to enable electronic prescribing, new forms of clinical consultations, via email, webcam, telephone or clinical decision support.

New or more suitably upgraded premises can provide flexibility and look to achieve significant service improvements and benefits, including services moved from secondary to primary care, extended opening hours, enhanced accessibility, more appointments, shorter waiting times and ultimately a better patient experience. Practices can also benefit from an increased patient list, higher staff retention, fast recruitment and the capacity to collaborate with other health service providers.


In order to be successful we can help you to put together a bid that is more likely to be successful, as we have 30+ years’ experience in funding and delivering bespoke primary care premises. We previously have delivered six developments through ETTF funding bids including Pembroke Surgery in Paignton and Riverside and Leatside Surgery in Totnes. We would also look into other factors like Space utilisation strategies and strategic business plans, these will give a better indication to how successful your bid will be as it may be a case of restructuring the premises you already have.

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