Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Haldons Ltd care about Corporate Social Responsibility and act in several ways to ensure that we are doing our part for the wider environment and community.


  • Charity Work

  • Environmental Policies

  • Apprenticeships

  • Sponsorship

  • Ethical thinking

Charity Work


Haldons Ltd contribute to charity efforts through events, fundraising and donations. In recent years, we have held charity events to raise money for different causes. Haldons Ltd have held charity events for the Brain Tumour Charity and worked with a fellow local company to raise £600. We have also held a MacMillan Coffee Morning, bringing the community together to raise money for the MacMillan Charity. We are looking to hold more events such as these in the future in order to raise more funds for charities.


Haldons Ltd donated services to help build a house for a disabled serviceman for the Royal Marines Charity. The house cost £450,000 and Haldons Ltd helped the charity obtain as many donations of services as possible from construction companies, as well as donating our own construction consultancy services free of charge. The house was made to measure for the marine who required an accessible home. Haldons also donate money each year to charity instead of sending Christmas cards. Our aim is to hold more events in future to raise more funds for charity.


Environmental Policies


Haldons Ltd is doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint. The office recycles paper waste and food packaging items from the staff kitchen. We also have a policy to prevent wasting paper, by printing 2 sided and only if necessary. Our environmental policy also makes staff aware of how to reduce their fuel emissions from vehicles.


Our aim is to continue to improve our environmental policy and reduce our carbon footprint. This also applies to our projects and we are always taking positive steps with each project to ensure best practice to reduce impact on the environment.




Haldons Ltd have taken on apprentices to help the wider community and provide training opportunities. Our aim is to keep opportunities available for future apprentices and help bridge the employer apprenticeship gap,




Haldons Ltd donated to a local school which caters for pupils with learning and physical difficulties to sponsor a child to take part in the school's annual residential trip. Haldons Ltd are a family business and want to help local community projects were possible.


Ethical Thinking


Haldons Ltd ensure that we provide the best possible service to all clients and make our remit clear and understandable. We do this to ensure our clients have a positive experience and they don’t feel like that have been mis-sold or wrongly treated. Haldons are compliant with various marketing and sales regulations and will never use aggressive sales techniques or treat clients unfairly. We aim to please all clients and create friendly, long lasting relationships. Haldons Ltd’s core values are based on honesty and commitment with a friendly and professional team providing a competitive, efficient and comprehensive range of services. These are built on honesty and commitment, ensuring successful completion and long-lasting business relationships.