Healthcare Estate - 6 Facet Surveys

Our six-facet surveying service helps our NHS clients assess their estate commissioning, backlog maintenance, investment and asset strategies.

We provide a thorough service, ensuring all clients can confidently appraise their estates with regards to use, condition and compliance.

The facets covered under this service are:

  • FACET 1: Physical Condition Survey (Fabric & M&E) - The physical condition of the estate is assessed on three elements; the internal and external building fabric, mechanical systems and electrical systems.

  • FACET 2: Statutory Compliance Audit (inc. Fire) - Fire, health and safety are assessed on the property's compliance to statutory legislation.

  • FACET 3: Space Utilisation Audit - Space Utilisation is assessed on a series of judgements made on the intensity of use i.e. the number of people using it and the frequency with which they use it.

  • FACET 4: Functional Suitability Review - Functional suitability is assessed on three elements; internal space relationships, support facilities and location.

  • FACET 5: Quality Audit - Quality is assessed on three elements; amenity, comfort and design.

  • FACET 6: Environmental Management Audit - Environmental management is assessed on the overall efficiency of the property, with energy being a critical factor.

We can provide a bespoke survey model tailored to suit your individual needs, and in a wide variety of formats to enable ongoing utilisation and monitoring by estates managers. Our multi-disciplinary team of surveyors, mechanical & electrical consultants and quantity surveyors provide a co-ordinated assessment of NHS, commercial and educational estates. This provides our Clients with accurate assessments of the current estate together with costed options for compliance backlog maintenance and improvement. We understand the importance of working closely with clients to help them with the ever increasing demand to manage tight budgets, eliminate critical risk, prioritise maintenance and continually improve their assets.

Please contact us to discover how our service can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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