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An Estate Strategy is a plan for the current and future development/management of your estate. It is recommended that it should cover 5–10 years, and should culminate in the production of a high-level, written document.

All NHS Trusts, including Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Foundation Trusts, are advised to have an Estate Strategy.

The starting point for developing an estate strategy is to identify the current and future healthcare service needs of your local population and the current condition of your healthcare estate. An Estate Strategy cannot, therefore, be developed in isolation. Rather, it is an integral part of service planning.

Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) are tasked with setting the overall service and estate framework within which trusts develop their individual strategies. This should identify service-led changes to the estate over a 10-year period and define high-level estate performance requirements.

PCTs are advised to develop strategic service development plans (SSDPs). Any local service plans should take account of plans for the wider healthcare community.


How Can We Help?

* Option appraised feasibility studies

* Six facet surveys

* Statutory compliance review

* Managing the delivery of any projects

* Development of an Estate Strategy

Call our Head Office on 01803 213529 for more information.

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